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Drought falls just three days short of Greater Victoria record

The longest stretch without rain in region was 54 days in 2017, rain ended recent run at 51 days
The current stretch of days with little to no precipitation has dried up green spaces around Greater Victoria. (Don Descoteau/News Staff)

Greater Victoria nearly matched the record for the longest period of time without rain, but a brief downpour on Aug. 6 and 7 stopped the spell three days short of a record no one wants to hit.

Fifty-four days in 2017 is the longest Greater Victoria has been without rain since Environment Canada began keeping records in the 1940s. That year was also a horrific, record breaking year of forest fires, with over 1.2 million hectares burned.

The few millimetres of rain in early August were a relief, but Greater Victoria is still at high risk of wildfire and protective bans are in place.

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Another high pressure ridge is building, bringing with it a heat warning from Environment Canada. Temperatures between 29 C and 35 C are expected to arrive Wednesday and last through Sunday (Aug. 15).

It won’t be comparable to the extreme heat experienced in June, said Doug Lundquist, a meteorologist with Environment Canada.

“That was, well there are no words to describe it other than extreme,” he said. But by August, the sun is significantly lower in the sky and the nights are longer, so this high pressure ridge won’t bring unusual heat.

“Still, we need to protect the vulnerable. Check on the people in your life who are vulnerable to heat,” he said.

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