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Comox Valley Regional District sues to halt Union Bay shipbreaking operation

Regional officials say controversial Deep Water Recovery activities not permitted under bylaw
The Comox Valley Regional District has conmmenced legal action against the shipbreaking company in Union Bay. File photo

The Comox Valley Regional District has initiated court action against the shipbreaking company in Union Bay.

According to a press release sent out on Monday, April 26, the CVRD “filed a notice of civil claim with the Supreme Court of British Columbia seeking assistance from the court to stop ship breaking operations at 5084 Island Highway,” on Thursday, April 14.

“We have heard and understand the issues that have been raised regarding the property,” said Amanda Yasinski, manager of bylaw compliance. “The operations on the property are not allowed under the current zoning restrictions.”

Now that a notice has been filed, the property owner and operators will have an opportunity in BC Supreme Court to respond to the CVRD’s claim that shipbreaking is not an allowable use within an IM zone. The court process is expected to take several months or longer before the issue is resolved.

Mark Jurisich of DWR has not returned calls for comment.

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