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CLACS: Lake Arts Society picks its new official name

The votes have been cast and a name officially chosen. The local arts and council group
The newest community group in the area—the Cowichan Lake Arts and Culture Society—now has an official name. The society will be funded by the CVRD and is currently seeking an interim executive.

The votes have been cast and a name officially chosen. The local arts and council group being formed in the lake district is called the Cowichan Lake Arts and Culture Society — CLACS.

Last month, the group of artists and area residents spearheading the society’s creation (which will be funded by the CVRD) whittled down a list of possible names for the organization from 12 to two. CLACS and the Foundation for Arts and Culture Enhancement (FACE) wound up in a tie, prompting a run-off ballot that wrapped up on Sept. 30.

In a press release, Loretta Puckrin, an artist and one of the initiative’s principal coordinators, noted there was a 22 per cent increase in the number of people voting in the second round.

“That means that interest is increasing, not decreasing, even with the minimal events over the summer,” she said.

For now, CLACS is seeking people to sign documents and function as an interim executive. These roles require a minimum commitment of service until the society’s first AGM, although Puckrin said she hopes interested volunteers will commit to an additional year after the AGM, but it’s not required.

A date has not yet been set for the AGM, but it will take place this year.

“A number of people have expressed an interest earlier this year — they will be called but participation is open to anyone who feels strongly about helping this society become reality,” she said.

The society is also seeking ideas for how to make the AGM a fun, social event that also covers all the necessary business details. At the AGM, only people who have signed up for society memberships will be entitled to vote. Until that meeting, membership for one year will cost $10; after the meeting annual membership will cost $25.

Puckrin noted that while the group can always rent space to hold meetings and events, they should also try to come up with activities that can be sponsored by CLACS but which don’t require a physical space. She said anyone with ideas can send them to her via email at

“The group is well on its way to being a reality,” she said. “Be a part of it.”