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Charles Borg running for North Cowichan’s council

Election to be held Oct. 15

Charles Borg, a 10-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces and a resident of North Cowichan for four years, is running for a seat at the municipality’s council table.

He said he believes North Cowichan’s communities deserve councillors who focus on supporting the middle class.

“That’s why I have a vision of businesses, families and individuals working together towards peace and prosperity,” Borg said.

“I pledge to address middle-class issues such as affordable housing, entrepreneurship and taxation. I aim to work with councillors to reduce unnecessary red tape and reduce permit-time frames so contractors and developers can increase the supply of homes within our community.”

Borg said that would also add to the municipality’s revenue as there will be more community members to collect from, which will make living in North Cowichan cheaper as it distributes its operational costs among more residents.

“I have seen how businesses, families and individuals working together towards peace and prosperity can build vibrant, resilient communities, and I want to encourage this collaboration as it is the core of what makes the district a great place to live,” he said.

“I will bring honour, accountability and integrity to North Cowichan’s municipal hall. On Oct. 15, please vote for Charles Borg for a fresh perspective, and strong and effective leadership.”