Affordable age in place community planned

As the senior population in Lake Cowichan increases, demand continues to rise for affordable housing.

As the senior population in Lake Cowichan increases, demand continues to rise for affordable housing.  Mr. Jon Roler has made a proposal for an affordable Age in Place Living Community at 21 Oak Lane to meet these rising demands.

Currently, Roler is in the process of completing a Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation application. Part of this application process requests a letter of support from the municipality in which the Age in Place housing will be established.

At last week’s Town meeting, Roler had formally requested a letter of support in principal and council approved it. “In order for towns to keep seniors in their community there needs to be housing in all price ranges and especially homes that have minimal upkeep involved.” says Coun. Bob Day.

The proposed community will feature homes priced $60,000 less than that of comparable housing currently available, making monthly mortgage payments with the current interest rate below $700 a month.  Extra services that would be available for senior home owners include transportation, meals and housekeeping.

The first phase of housing development includes 15 attached patio residences.  In 8-10 years, the expectation is approximately 40 patio residences. Each home will be 900 square feet and include a 220 square foot garage. The homes will be energy efficient, have low water use plumbing, and low volatile organic compound paint, making the homes green and more affordable in terms of energy and water consumption.

The development still has many hoops to jump through before it meets all of the servicing requirements. However, when the project is finished there would be an agreement in place for all units that guaranteed they remained affordable into the future.

Roler notes in his proposal, “This will be a community in which the individual will find safe comfortable accommodation, services, amenities and a sense of security knowing their needs will be met as they age in place.”