Loren Duncan

Loren Duncan

Loren Duncan running to re-take Area E seat at the CVRD board table

Loren Duncan has 15 years of experience in office.

Loren Duncan is running for election to the Cowichan Valley Regional District seat on the board for Area E (Sahtlam/Glenora/Cowichan Station).

Three decades ago my spouse and I purchased a good sized property in Sahtlam on the border of Area E and F.

I pay property taxes to Area E and can, and do vote in Area E. Take note, this is quite important this election.

Nineteen-ninety-nine had me elected to the CVRD as Area E director, and for four following elections, 15 years in total, then in 2014, that election was unkind, but amends are soon to come (hopefully).

My 15 years of experience of the facts, fiction, and nuances of local government at the CVRD board table is particularly strong. My past participation was robust, my commitment to the constituency absolute.

I have a lot to offer, and again now do so, but only with the taxpaying voters’ support can it happen, I ask for that indulgence to serve community again.

My record and past practices speak to environmental values and fiscal conservatism with tempered pragmatism.

The legacy from the five CVRD terms past is healthy, wholesome and of note.

I ask for a further mandate to serve again. Thank you.