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Lower Mainland woman looking for love on TV

Amy Bachmann is a dater on the new CTV reality television show Farming For Love
Amy Bachmann’s dater description says she grew up on a dairy farm, backpacked Southeast Asia, and is “outdoorsy” and loves hiking. However, she is content to leave the farm work to her siblings and father. (CTV/Special to The News)

A Pitt Meadows resident is hoping to find love on CTV’s latest reality television show called Farming For Love.

Amy Bachmann, 25, is now one of four “urban singles” vying for Farmer Doug’s love on the show.

It was her mother, actually, whose idea it was to apply for the show and sent Bachmann Doug Groenendijk’s profile.

At first the former office manager wasn’t going to apply. But then Bachmann, who now works in compliance enforcement with the provincial government, took a second look at the profile and thought, “what do I have to lose”.

Bachmann said her mother doesn’t normally try to set her up with men, however, her parents are dairy farmers – and so is Groenendijk– and she thinks that it is this connection that led her mom to believe they would make a good fit for one another.

One of the main qualities Bachmann looks for in a man is someone who is taller than herself at five foot, eight inches.

“I just have this thing where I can’t date anybody shorter than me,” she laughed. And when she found out Groenendijk was six foot five inches, she was like, “cha-ching”!

What she believes makes her a good candidate for Groenendijk is her honesty and the fact that she is a very straight forward person.

“I will say and do what I think is right and what I believe in,” she said, noting that she believes that is a good quality to have.

She also believes she is the best person for Groenendijk because of her tie to dairy farming.

“Growing up on a dairy farm, it’s definitely not a lifestyle that a lot of people are familiar with,” she said, noting the work schedule, and being around the animals, the livestock.

Groenendijk, 25, who hails from Chemainus, B.C., is one of four farmers searching for love – two female farmers and two male – and each farmer started off with seven contestants looking for their love.

Two were eliminated the first episode with only five contestants being invited back to each farmer’s farm. And one more was eliminated after the second episode. Bachmann is still in the contest for Groenendijk’s love.

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She said it was fun meeting the other women and being able to share this journey with one another. She described Groenendijk as “so sweet and so kind” after meeting him for the first time.

“It was actually really lovely being able to chat with him for the little speed date that we had and just getting to know him and getting that first initial impression of him,” she added.

This is Bachmann’s first time on a reality TV show and in addition to finding love, she is also hoping to learn more about herself along the way.

In addition to immersing themselves into a new lifestyle, the daters also have to complete a series of challenges, group activities, and go on one-on-one intimate dates with each farmer with the goal of finding love.

Episode three of Farming For Love airs Sundays at 7 p.m. on CTV, with the next episode on June 11.

The episodes are also streamed at or on the CTV app.

Casting is already open for season two daters and one of the farmers looking for love is Jessica, a 30-year-old organic blueberry farmer in Maple Ridge.

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