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Potluck for pensioners marks end of the season

A group of Youbou seniors met for the final time of the season, Friday, June 10.
Member Ben Wingo and secretary Verna Wingo

A group of Youbou seniors met for the final time of the season, Friday, June 10.

Marking the end of the season, before summer trips break up the group, they enjoyed a pot luck dinner at the Youbou Community Church.

In total, there are 24 members that make up the Old Age Pensioners 115  Youbou; a group of senior citizens disinterested in staying still for too long.

“If we decide to go for a small trip, we can go,” member Ben Wino said.

The group is similar to the groups that meet at the town’s Lake Cowichan Seniors’ Centre, but situated in Youbou, which helps stem transportation issues that can arise. But, members are always welcome to drop in at the Seniors’ Centre, and vice versa for the Youbou Community Church, which the pensioners own and allow the church group to utilize.

“We like to work together,” pastor Vikki Marrs said.

The church group’s bi-weekly Friday night coffee club at the church has also been put on hold until September, with the next gathering to take place the second Friday in September.

The Soup’s On group that gathers at the church on Mondays to provide free weekly community lunches will start up again the Monday after the September long weekend.

The Monday night games of Bingo at the Lake Cowichan Seniors’ Centre, which begin at 6:30 p.m., will continue until June wraps up, and then will re-start in September.

“We need more volunteers to help run it,” Wingo said, of its re-starting in September.

The bingo night helps pay for the church building’s upkeep, as well as heating oil.

Next up for the pensioners will be the Great Lake Walk, wherein they help organize the Saturday morning breakfast well before the crack of dawn.

This is followed by the Appollos ball tournament, where they prepare coffee and hamburgers as a means of raising funds for their church building.