Cowichan Lake Recreation’s new programmer Kyler Nurmsoo.

Cowichan Lake Recreation’s new programmer Kyler Nurmsoo.

New recreation programmer in town

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There is a new face at Cowichan Lake Recreation, a division of the Parks, Recreation and Culture Department of the CVRD, or  as we like to call it, Cowichan Lake Sports Arena.

His name is Kyler Nurmsoo.

He is 25 and as the newest programmer at the arena, he will have a say in the recreation possibilities we see here around the Lake.

Nurmsoo said he looks forward to receiving input from the community as to the direction we would like to see sport and recreation head in the future.

Born in Vancouver, he calls Vernon his hometown (“that is where my Mom and Dad live’) and where he attended elementary and high school.

After that, it was off to Brock University in St. Catherine’s, Ontario where he received a Bachelor of Sport Management and did work towards a Masters of Art in Applied Health Science. He has tailored his education to the business side of sports specifically sport participation by kids living in low-income families.

Kyler believes time and cost are the two big factors in a drop in the numbers of people using facilities over the years. Time involved in traveling to practice or events and the costs involved in participation in league sports.

He is hoping to find that sweet spot where cost to participate equals the largest number of participants involved.

“If people can’t afford it, no one is going to register, then we won’t make any money at all. It’s finding the right balance.”

Nurmsoo brings with him years of experience in recreation and sport, most recently in Osoyoos as program supervisor for that town’s community services department.

Before that he was a special events and administrative assistant in St. Catherine’s, as well as being a member of the Niagara Sport Commission.

His first day of work here was Feb. 11. He has already met the operators of the regional district community halls around the lake and hopes to help them expand user numbers in the programs they offer.

He is excited about two of the new programs: pickelball and carpet bowling. He has seen these sports thrive in other areas he has worked in and hopes to see the same here.

He can be reached at the Lake Cowichan Sports Arena or call him at 250-749-6742