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Low turnout, but good rounds

A report on the March Meadows Senior Men's Monday, July 11, round of golf.

John Leach

March Meadows Senior Men

This week the March Meadows Senior Men moved from their usual Tuesday date to Monday in order to accommodate the Dawn Coe-Jones Amateur Junior Tournament.

This move could have been the reason for the lower than usual turnout.  Still, those that came to play had some good rounds.

Tony Tostevine got closest to the  hole on Number One and Tom Clarkson was closest on Number Seven.

Birdies went to Jug Kalar, Eric Lundberg, Brian Crosson, Tom Clarkson and Cyril Krausnick.  Murray Nelson and Daryl Proulx made sandy pars.  Daryl also had low gross while Jug Kalar had the low net.

Mike Tuck knew the slogan.  (Play hard, play fair, have fun.)

The Barrel remains undefeated.  However, I must acknowledge that Frank Magrin did not go down without a fight. His ball hit the rim and the bounce could have made him victorious. Sadly, the ball bounced the wrong way. The journey continues.

“Don't play too much golf. Two rounds a day are plenty.”

~Harry Vardon