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The Lake Cowichan Gazette of Feb. 15, 2007 reported that “Parents, workers support rally to save day cares”.

Back in February 1992

Back in February 1992

Welcome to Lake Flashback. Reporter Lexi Bainas has been combing through old newspapers with the assistance of the Kaatza Station Museum and Archives so we can jog your memory, give you that nostalgic feeling, or just a chuckle, as we take a look at what was making headlines this week around Cowichan Lake in years gone by.


This week around the Cowichan Lake…


10 years ago:


The Lake Cowichan Gazette of Feb. 15, 2007 reported that “Parents, workers support rally to save day cares”.

Concern was high because the Kaatza Daycare was looking at cuts in provincial funding by $2 per day per children aged three to five and $4 per day child for children under three years old.

“The cuts are slated for the end of March in response to the loss of $455 million in federal spending. Instead the federal government is providing $100 a month per child under six years old,” the Gazette said.

“Currently, the Kaatza Day Care is licensed for 20 children three to five years old and eight spaces for children under three. There’s a long waiting list for under three spaces,” says Wendy Fetchko, head supervisor at the day care centre.

“Under three care is expensive because the ration of staff to children is four to one,” said Fetchko. “’If the funding doesn’t cover the cost of the program, then we cannot offer any more spaces.’”

25 years ago:


While we’re talking this week about The Storm of the Century, the Lake News of Feb. 5, 1992 had its own weather story.

“Major storm causing flooding and wind damage” howled the headline under a picture of Lakers paddling a canoe down their street.

“Residents by Saturday were recovering from three days of flood, winds, mini-twisters, falling trees and hydro failure. Even Shaw Cable chose Friday night to have a breakdown of its service,” said the story.

“Five Hydro crews have been working round the clock and were still busy at it, BC Hydro reporting that power would not be restored to Caycuse until Sunday.

“George Holman, foreman of the highway crew, closed a stretch of South Shore Road detouring traffic to the car bridge. Ray Miller, Lake Cowichan Village foreman, has also been keeping an eye on things around the clock.

“Some people have asked for sand bags, which we’ve supplied,” he said.

“The river and the lake are the highest I’ve seen,” said Miller, but he has only been here since 1985.

40 years ago:


In February, 1977, Lakers saw the end of an era that is announced by the sad headline, “Last 10 cent paper issued this week.”

Yes, the cost was going up to 15 cents a copy.

“The paper is the last tabloid weekly in the province to sell for 10 cents. The new price goes into effect with the first edition in March.

“Only one other newspaper in the province, The Clinton Cache Creek Pioneer, still sells for 10 cents. That paper is a broadsheet (full size)… Some, such as the Ucluelet Westcoaster (tabloid) sell for 25 cents per copy.

“The price increase will allow paper carriers and retailers who sell The Lake News additional remuneration. The Lake News is one of the few remaining community newspapers in the province that maintains carrier service for the bulk of its subscribers,” the story said proudly.

Compiled by Lexi Bainas, Gazette