Local sisters Megan and Kaitlyn Tuck go through a pile of old photographs at the Kaatza Child Care Centre

Local sisters Megan and Kaitlyn Tuck go through a pile of old photographs at the Kaatza Child Care Centre

For Kaatza Child Care Centre the bell tolls

The final days of the Kaatza Child Care and Early Learning Centre, in Lake Cowichan.

As a result of low enrollment numbers – a symptom of a multitude of factors – Lake Cowichan’s Kaatza Child Care and Early Learning Centre closed after their final day of operating, Friday, October 14.

A celebration of the centre’s 37 years of existence was held the following day.

The following are some of the comments gathered from the internet, from both the Lake Cowichan Gazette’s website and a Kaatza Child Care Centre Facebook page.

Maria Robins – Kaatza brought friendship into my life; friendships that I will treasure for as long as I stay on this earth.

Jayne Ingram – Thank you for loving and teaching our children and keeping them safe over the last 37 years. Sad day for our community.

Betty Sanddar – Thank you to everyone who has had a part of the Kaatza Child Care over the years!

Susan Heemskerk – My goodness, it is like the end of an era. What a wonderful day care.

Wendy Henry – I am very grateful for the time I worked at Kaatza: Wonderful families, awesome co-workers, powerful learning!

Wendy Fetchko – A huge thank you to all of the staff, board members, and parents that have supported Kaatza Child Care Center over the past 37 years. You all did an amazing job to provide such a wonderful place to support children in their early years. It takes a whole village to raise a child, and you can all be very proud that you are a part of that.

Jenny Court – I am very sad Kaatza will not be there for Lake Cowichan’s children today, tomorrow, and future generations.

Tessa Tjepkema – Kaatza played a huge role into the career I have today; it was my starting point, and I will always remember that!

Kristine Sandhu – My three children attended, and it was so warm and inviting, and the staff over the years always treated our children like family!

Deanna Forrest – You have no idea how far the ripples of your influence and investment spread. Thank you for pouring your hearts and lives into tomorrow’s leaders.

Janice Nijjar – I just want to say thanks to all the special people, and the little ones, who have touched my life in such a positive way. I really enjoyed working with you guys. Thanks for all the fun and support over the years. I truly believe it is the most important job, as it sets the foundation for our future generations success!