From left: Joe Balmer

From left: Joe Balmer

Retreads take in the view at Marble Bay Park

A large group of retreads set out up and over Marble Mountain in Marble Bay Park

Following an exploration by Jean Atkinson, a large group of retreads set out to follow Atkinson up and over Marble Mountain in Marble Bay Park. We climbed steadily up past the fawn coloured water tank to the summit on a well worn trail. It was fairly steady climb and had some of us huffing and puffing a bit, although we were in good spirits as we enjoyed the well laid out trail and great views.

After catching our breath it was cautiously down the north side which is even steeper. However, we had gravity on our side and apart from the occasional miss-step we made it down. In some spots trail makers had placed steps and these were a great help.

Finally, we were right down to the edge of the lake on the north arm opposite Spring Beach. Here we enjoyed lunch as we looked out over the north arm of the lake, and watched an enthusiastic swimmer swim a long way out and back to his abode. We also speculated about the nature of a building we could see in the trees about 200 meters above Youbou Road.

The hike was completed by a walk on level ground back across the now dry Meades Creek, through a trail to Nantree Road and then up Marble Bay Road to the parking lot.

All agreed that it was a wonderful hike with great views. We noted that it was right in our backyard and we did not know about it. We also like that it provided a good cardiac workout while allowing us to be in the shade for much of the time.  Our next hike is local and will no doubt end with relaxing and having a swim at the lake.




-—Submitted by David Kidd