Speedy quarterback Gus Steeves had an incredible four rushing touchdowns on the day. (Jennifer Laver photo)

Speedy quarterback Gus Steeves had an incredible four rushing touchdowns on the day. (Jennifer Laver photo)

QB Steeves leads peewee Cowichan Bulldogs to big win

Four rushing touchdowns for the quarterback

The peewee Cowichan Bulldogs kicked off the fall season with an impressive 38-16 victory over the formidable Saanich Wolverines this past weekend.

“This was a true test for us right out of the gate, and I’m proud that the team came through on top, especially when starting with some adversity with the rocky start we had,” said head coach Gino Buscaino.

The Wolverines got off to an 8-0 lead early after an onside kick gave them posession and the touchdown.

That was the last touchdown the Wolverines scored on offence, as they scored their only other points on a kick off return on special teams. After that, it was all Cowichan and they never looked back.

“Our offence will be a challenge for anyone to contend with, as our roster is deep with talent, and the way they are already playing as a team is incredible,” Buscaino said. “There is a no-quit attitude on this team naturally which is amazing to see! Our coaching staff is doing an incredible job getting these players to where they need to be, and looking forward to when we are firing on all cylinders with even more practice.”

The Bulldogs’ offence was led by the speedy quarterback Gus Steeves with an incredible four rushing touchdowns, 121 yards rushing, and two-for-four passing for 31 yards.

Justin Jack-Thomas was in high gear at the tail back position, rushing for 100 yards and one major.

Kasen Randhawa pulled down a big catch for 29 yards, one yard shy of pay dirt.

Cole Tokarek had a breakaway play, rushing for 49 yards on two attempts with one reception.

Kalem Thomas got key first downs from the fullback position with four carries for 13 yards. Carter Freeland was a big story, as he went four-for-five on coverts, and saved a touchdown on a last ditch effort on kick off, and held up the offensive line, with starters Emmitt Ryder and Joshua Dadswell, with some monster blocking.

Cowichan’s defence had a shaky start, but once they warmed up, it was lights out for the Wolverines.

The defence was lead by Alex Erickson with six big tackles, Eli Atchison with four tackles and two pressures on the QB, and Rylnd Monti with two-and-a-half tackles and two blocked passes.

“I was very happy on how our ‘D’ rallied, adjusted and then dominated,” Busciano said. “We have a very special team on both sides of the ball this year, and we are aiming at nothing but the top, looking forward to our next big challenge with Oceanside.”

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