Charlotte Jardine, Sada Bennefield and Jaxson Jardine at a VIMX event this fall. (Submitted by Taunya Jardine)

Charlotte Jardine, Sada Bennefield and Jaxson Jardine at a VIMX event this fall. (Submitted by Taunya Jardine)

Duncan motocross riders shine on VIMX circuit

Jardine siblings among many participants from Cowichan Valley

Charlotte and Jaxson Jardine were two of many Cowichan Valley residents — of all ages — who competed in the Vancouver Island Motocross Association Fall Series Championship this year.

The Duncan siblings, who attend Bench Elementary School, had tons of success on the VIMX series, which included two stops each in Port Alberni and Nanaimo and one in Campbell River between early September and the middle of November.

Charlotte, 11, was one of the top racers in the Ladies 7-11 division, a new category this year, racing to two first-place finishes and two seconds as she competed in four of the five events on the series. Charlotte ended the season third overall while riding her 2018 Yamaha TT-R210 against other girls on two-stroke 65cc or 85cc bikes.

Cloe David of Duncan finished second overall in the division, with one first-place finish, and Sada Bennefield of Cowichan placed fifth overall.

“All the girls displayed great skill and extreme competition between them,” said Charlotte and Jaxson’s dad, Troy Jardine.

Jaxson, 7, earned a second-place trophy in his final race of the year, and finished sixth overall, with lots of excitement and confidence on his 2020 Honda CRF50.

“Watching all the kids progress and develop their skills just in these five races alone was amazing,” Troy said.

Both Jardine kids will be stepping up to bigger bikes when riding resumes in about five months: a KTM 85 SX and KT 50 SX, respectively.

Troy talked about the many joys of being part of the motocross community.

“The group of people are always helpful and supportive; a great family environment,” he said. “More people need to join and enjoy the excitement. An event means camping, practice day and then race day. A very busy and exciting weekend for all ages to enjoy.”

Other results for Cowichan Valley riders on the VIMX Fall Series:

50cc (4-6): 4. Ryden Ludvigson (Ladysmith)

50cc (7-8): 1. Braxton Lundstrom (Duncan), 2. Colton Knight (Cobble Hill), 3. Ryker Nelson (Lake Cowichan), 5. Jase Pacholuk (Duncan), 6. Jaxson Jardine (Duncan)

50cc GP (Open): 2. Braxton Lundstrom (Duncan), 4. Colton Knight (Cobble Hill), 5. Ryder Tyson (Chemainus), 9. Ryker Nelson (Lake Cowichan), 10. Ryden Ludvigson (Ladysmith)

50cc Tykes: 1. Dominic Mercier (Youbou), 4. Jaxson Jardine (Duncan)

65cc (10-11): 1. Thomas David (Duncan), 2. Hudson Combs (Duncan), 6. Kyson Stevenson (Chemainus)

65cc (7-9): 5. Sheldon Moore (Duncan), 8. Jaxson Kerr (Ladysmith)

65cc GP (Open): 7. Thomas David (Duncan), 8. Hudson Combs (Duncan), 10. Sheldon Moore (Duncan), 15. Jaxson Kerr (Ladysmith), 16. Kyson Stevenson (Chemainus)

85cc (12-16): 2. Aryanna Todd Rix (Chemainus)

Intermediate Open GP-MX3: 2. Zane Mellafont (Duncan), 11. Michael MacDonald (Cobble Hill)

Junior Open GP-MX3: 4. Oriana Fraser (Ladysmith), 5. Owen Spooner (Shawnigan Lake), 8. Logan Parker (Duncan)

Ladies A: 1. Jordan Finn (Cobble Hill), 2. Oriana Fraser (Ladysmith), 4. Aryanna Todd Rix (Chemainus)

Open Pro: 1. Tyler Yates (Duncan), 2. Zane Mellafont (Duncan), 6. Adam Atkinson (Duncan), 10. Joe Nikirk (Shawnigan Lake)

Plus 40: 3. Dan Nikirk (Duncan)

Schoolboy: 3. Owen Spooner (Shawnigan Lake), 4. Logan Parker (Duncan), 6. Jordan Finn (Cobble Hill), 10. Ian Johnston (Ladysmith)

Supermini: 2. Owen Spooner (Shawnigan Lake)

Vet Junior: 2. Dan Nikirk (Duncan)

Young Ladies 7-11 B: 2. Cloe David (Duncan), 3. Charlotte Jardine (Duncan), 5. Sada Bennefield (Cowichan Bay)

Youth Open: 1. Zane Mellafont (Duncan), 6. Tyler Yates (Duncan), 12. Joe Nikirk (Shawnigan Lake)

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