There is no climate emergency

There is no climate emergency

Those climate conditions were of a normal nature

There is no climate emergency

Mr. Peter Lake’s opinion on the Speedway expansion is “we do not need, in a time of demonstrable climate emergency, to glorify the pure recreational burning of fossil fuel”.

(Threatened lawsuit against North Cowichan is “lawfare”)

I wonder if Mr. Lake would take the time to “demonstrate” any kind of “emergency” relating to extreme climate we have had in the Cowichan Valley this year, or around the world for that matter, that can be directly related to the burning of fossil fuels.

No, not the low water level on Lake Cowichan this year, as that was due atmospheric conditions, the same conditions that restored the water levels in time for the salmon. Those climate conditions were of a normal nature, not because of high levels of CO2 and subsequent “greenhouse effect”.

Note: when I have asked such “questions” before, I get smeared with the name of being a “denier”. So please Mr. Lake, no insults, only verifiable answers please.

I believe that if Mr. Lake had taken the time to look outside, he would have noticed that the Cowichan Valley, including the rest of B.C.this year, had excellent “climate”. Therefore he must taken his information from the computerized climate “models” that have proven unreliable for many, many reasons.

John Walker

Cobble Hill