Sunfest an unwanted disturbance for area

The population of the Cowichan Lake community doubles in the summer, and the number increases every year...

Re: the Sunfest proposal

The population of the Cowichan Lake community doubles in the summer, and the number increases every year, because of the rural, unique, natural environment, a paradise centered around the pristine lake and heritage river.

The effects of the Sunfest proposal can be summed up in a word, disturbance! Disturbance to infrastructure, the environment, wildlife, water systems and quality, lifestyle, safety, emergency services, peace and quiet, highway traffic. Fifteen days (weekends) of summer disturbed!

A most disturbing result of the “consultation process”, is the way it has turned neighbours against one another. The proponent has said that there are no neighbours near the site so many times that it has become alright to dismiss, as he does, the concerns of the many residents who will be negatively impacted (Director Kuhn said, “It won’t be that bad.”, and Mayor Forrest said, “Get your head out of the sand!”). Neighbours who live a few miles away from the site have become openly dismissive of the concerns of their neighbours who live closer. This is a disturbing trend!

It is also very disturbing that support statements may be considered from people who do not live in the area, but who would be happy to come to the party, and who could care less if neighbours are disturbed, or, from business owners elsewhere, that would see profit without being disturbed, while the neighbours near the site will have their lives disturbed, big time! The proponent bragged he will have the “biggest sound-stage in B.C.”!

Now this would be very disturbing, and the stage would likely be used on most summer weekends! There is no independent report regarding noise impact/disturbance to residents (the proponent study that uses decibel averaging over a 24-hour period, is certainly not reliable), which is also disturbing!

The proposal and consultation process is already having a disturbing effect on this community. If the proposal is approved, the disturbance on this rural summer paradise will be much greater, permanent and destructive!


Diana Gunderson

Lake Cowichan