Spray park a poor choice for Lake Cowichan

The town’s elected officials have proven themselves excellent at re-considering decisions they’ve made in the past, when new information is brought forth.

In the past year, upon receiving new information, they’ve altered organic waste collection plans, and, more recently, they’ve re-opened discussions around camping at Centennial Park, after “closing the books” on the issue last year.

Now, let’s hope they reconsider the installation of a spray park at Duck Pond, as the entire project is seeped in hypocrisy;

• The town is trying to “go green,” and yet they plan on installing a slab over part of a beautiful park.

• The installation of water meters was done in an attempt to lower the town’s water usage.

Couldn’t something better be done with the estimated $137,000 (of which only $12,500 is made up of grant money) it will cost to construct this spray park? Something more useful than installing a glorified sprinkler system right next to the Cowichan River, where water fun is already available for free.