Some random thoughts and opinions

Liability issues, vehicle horns, being stuck in the old ways, and other opinionated thoughts.

• If more people were decent, liability issues would be nullified, and a lot of money could be saved on insurance. 

• The intention of horns on vehicles is to warn people of oncoming danger. It’s not to express frustration with other people on the road. Also, sorry for cutting you off, angry driver of a white car on North Shore Road. Had you slammed on the gas, we may have collided.

• The main criticism I hear about the Town of Lake Cowichan’s elected officials is that none of them have a business background. Perhaps they forget that councillor Franklin Hornbrook was the Seniors’ Centre manager until last year.

• Another constantly overheard criticism is that the Cowichan Lake area seems stuck in the past. Aren’t they called the “good ol’ days” for a reason? Because they’re good? People moved here for a reason. 

• My first Cowichan Lake “winter” has been a real eye opener. I now fully understand why 99 per cent of the rest of Canada makes fun of southern BC ‘folk. 

Postponing community events and meetings when less than a foot of snow falls, and temperatures dip to barely below freezing, may seem a bit silly to me, but it’s all relative. Although the Cowichan Lake area’s worst winter days are merely average winter days to most of the rest of Canadians, people here just aren’t used to it.

That much is made clear through the people I see slip sliding around the roads.

I now look forward to a month of solid rain, followed by a summer-long drought. Joy of joys.

• Some visitors to the Cowichan Lake area get quite worried when they hear the fire department town alarm. Fearing nuclear holocaust or an air raid, it’s humourous to see their reactions. 

• Go to the Neighbourhood of Learning meeting on Monday, March 7 (see Page 2). If you don’t, please do not complain about the new elementary school after it’s built.