Public feedback is always helpful

Our Advisory Planning Commission has now hosted two public consultation sessions.

Our Advisory Planning Commission has now hosted two public consultation sessions.

While the turnout has been low, some interesting questions pertaining to the Official Community Plan have been very helpful.

Please take the time to make enquiries about this important document, as it will play a significant role in future planning for the Town of Lake Cowichan.

Recent write-ups in the paper regarding council issues and more specifically, budget talks, sparked interest throughout the community.

It is good to hear these discussions, as this is important for any community, and if you have any concerns, please contact myself or one of our councillors to discuss these matters.

We are more than happy to address any questions.

Congratulations to the Cowichan Lake Sports Arena for forty years and the grand re-opening of the newly renovated facility. Thank you to everyone who attended the ceremony and contributed to this special day. Our arena has provided an awesome forty years and I know the next forty will be just as special.

The recent Provincial Juvenile Curling Championships was a great event for the community, and our arena. Great job by Cowichan Rocks Curling Club as the host, who did our town proud.

It takes a lot of work to put on an event like this. Your efforts along with the arena staff were the major contributors to make the provincials such a success.

Congratulations to Blake Sprague for his Citizen of the Year Award, and Micah Anderson as the recipient of the Nichole Stock Community Service Award for 2010.

Blake, we commend you for your incredible heroism and internal strength during a life and death situation.

Micah, minor baseball and the community are very fortunate for your contributions.

Hopefully winter is coming to an end, and I will be the first to say, thank goodness. Like many employers, the flu season has hit the town staff hard.

We do our best to run lean and there is no one to replace an employee when they are ill and off work.

Without these replacements, the staff work hard and sometimes work when they should be at home getting better.

I would like to recognize all the staff and employees for making sacrifices that go unnoticed and unappreciated and acknowledge their loyal service.