Pot calling the kettle black

Pot calling the kettle black

It is difficult to understand if your article is to praise this group or attack a legitimate inquiry

Pot calling the kettle black

Re: “CMHA doing a very difficult, unpopular job”, (Citizen letters)

Christine Pollard, you split your assertion into two issues, that of drugs and fiscal accountability. It is difficult to understand if your article is to praise this group or attack a legitimate inquiry.

As a citizen living here in Duncan and experiencing first hand this situation and having talked with the CAO of this organization I feel you should apprise yourself of your own advice of doing your homework.

While my situation dealt with this organization and its benefits verses the damage to our community due to its operation, I am qualified to assess this fiscal report and do honestly believe the writer Ms. Jackson did not go far enough.

I believe nonprofit organizations do a great good for our communities and believe their people do work hard and I do believe in the services they supply. In the same breath they are accountable for their actions and in my case the extreme danger their operation has placed our community members in, both public safety and health issues. In Ms. Jackson’s letter the issue is fiscal accountability of our tax dollars. There is no reason for personal attacks whether veiled or not.

I find great difficulty in the past year that every time someone writes an article someone else answers it, going off topic with misdirection of how hard the employees work and the good they do in the community — “how dare they”. That is not the issue. Then attacking the writer without answering the article’s points.

I can observe in doing my “homework” that most of the people who have written these replies in this paper are found on “friends lists” of management at this organization. I have, Ms. Pollard, done my homework and would greatly wish if you people feel strongly about your friends’ work that you answer the questions and stick to the issues. We are not out here totally devoid of brains and the letters written inquiring different issues do hold merit.

Maybe a judicial review is what this will take to assess why no answers can be given.

Larry Woodruff