Ode to 2020

It was the night before New Years

Ode to 2020

It was the night before New Years

And all through the land

The multitudes were toasting

Now isn’t life grand!

At the stroke of midnight

We all made a cheer

Kissing and hugging

To ring in the New Year

2020 was upon us

A new decade so bright

Who would have thought

It would end in such fright?

Shakespeare had warned us

Of the turn of the tides

Beware, beware of March

And its Ides

COVID-19 took the world

By storm

We humans wondered

What was the norm?

Prior to COVID

And this is no prank

Who would have thought

To wear a mask to a bank?

Anti-social behaviour

Was all the rage

If you chose to be social

You were put in a cage

COVID came at us

Wave after wave

Although we were threatened

There’s no way we would cave

Lock ups and lock downs

Our means of defence

If you choose not to comply

Then pay for the offence

Thanks to big Pharma

And governments too

New drug testing norms

Were given the boot

There’s light at the end of the tunnel

So we’ve been told

Have we really beaten covid

Lo and behold?

Lucky for us

Santa is clear

He will show up

With his reindeer

2020 has come to an end

That is a fact, have no fear

Look forward to 2021

Kisses, hugs and a toast of good cheer!

Ray Cadorette