Nuclear power facilities produce no carbon

Nuclear facilities produce NO carbon from operation.

Perhaps John A. McDonald showing age! Nuclear facilities produce NO carbon from operation. Plutonium half life or life is irrelevant when converted in power reactors. Plutonium is destroyed in conversion to energy. Use reactors to remove plutonium stockpiles and weapons grade plutonium while providing electricity that is economic, dependable and carbon free!

Nuclear is the only choice in today’s world to eliminate CO2 from power production.

One could wait for fusion reactors — they were just around the corner when I graduated from uni over 50 years ago — some corner! Geothermal — the same situation. Solar? Produces no power at night and little in winter. But additional batteries — just around the corner, or hydro is the “battery” as Sierra Club professes — two systems with one intermittent, economics courses needed here! Wind? Power when wind blowing between certain velocities at varying power levels. Hydro? Running out of land — i.e. Site C. Only one option left! Four hundred thirty-seven reactors operating worldwide, 62 under construction currently with China leading building 22 and 40 more planned over next five years. IF one could educate the general population with facts (21st century design) then work with industry and fund it, CO2 elimination from power industry in 20 years is possible! a place to start.

Eliminate CO2 from electric power production in 10 years in Canada. Pay for it with 1.35 cent per kilowatthr on electricity — nationally. All pay, all benefit! Affordable and not a hardship!

Our choice!


Bob Conibear