Nothing will erase “Christmas” from this holiday

It’s Christmas time, not “Merry and Bright” season and not “Generic Happy Holiday Time.”


Nothing will erase “Christmas” from this holiday

It’s Christmas time again! This year it will indeed be different with COVID in the forefront of our lives and restrictions playing a part in virtually every aspect of the season.

But that will not change the importance or meaning of Christmas, or its message of peace, love and goodwill. Christmas is Christmas, and people will find a way to celebrate it no matter what restrictions are imposed on them. It’s a celebration of the birth of Christ, and for those who are not Christian it is a time to enjoy a celebratory time of giving and good cheer.

Which brings me once again to the need to remind people that it’s Christmas time, not “Merry and Bright” season and not “Generic Happy Holiday Time.” It’s Christmas, and the greeting for this time, if you want to acknowledge reality, should be “Merry Christmas”. The war on Christmas, which reached its zenith a few years ago, but continues to rage amongst those who have a self hating compulsion against their own society and culture, has failed to erase Christmas and the beautiful greeting of “Merry Christmas.”

It will continue to fail because Canadians know who they are, and understand that the Christmas season and “Merry Christmas” are part of being Canadian. A generic season celebration isn’t going to now, and never will, replace that. I’ve been grateful to the Citizen for printing similar Christmas letters of mine in the past. It shows a fairness and open minded acknowledgement of something very important: that current social trends should not erase historical realities or traditions, and that the bitterness some show toward the Christmas season is skewed and out of touch with the majority feelings of the people of Canada who love Christmas.

So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and despite COVID-19, may this be a happy and meaningful holiday season for everyone.

Perry Foster