North Shore Road concerns

Re: Solution needed to traffic volume and noise, Oct.10

One point needs clarification from the Oct. 10, article about overweight and noisy trucks on North Shore Rd.

The B.C. Ministry of Transport said that the Y intersection is not substandard. They were surprised to hear that our city engineer (and others) said that. Truck drivers everywhere are required to drive to the road conditions. If that means slowing down, gee!

My question is, if the concerns about the Y intersection are so high and long standing, why has our town council or the Public Works committee not taken action to get it assessed and fixed?

The RCMP find it pretty hard to nail speeding trucks who have radios on to warn each other.

In the meantime, could there not be a compromise of trucks, when empty, being asked to return using the Youbou highway?

I do not consider it beyond thought for Lake Cowichan to have a designated truck route — as many towns do — that does not include a residential area.  It does not bode well for our future prosperity to ignore this issue.

Lisa Barnes, Lake Cowichan