NDP has done plenty wrong

Calling a snap election because of the bad boy budget coming next year.

NDP has done plenty wrong

In reply to my letter, David is assuming that I cannot find anything wrong to comment on the NDP government and is why I wrote about Doug Routley not getting a cabinet position.

The NDP did a lot of wrong. Calling a snap election because of the bad boy budget coming next year. David fails to realize that the bad boy budget next year will give the true reason for the snap election and why the NDP could not win the election if it was held in October, 2021. A hint to the bad boy budget, is that the new budget prepared for mid Feburary of each year has been posponed until April of 2021.

I would like to see what David Lowther would do if he was in Doug Routley’s shoes. Most likely blowing off steam. Nicholas Simons, NDP MLA for Powell River-Sunshine Coast was also elected in 2005 and now given a cabinet position.

Newly elected MLA Nathan Cullen should be a back bencher in the NDP government, and not a cabinet minister. Why? His pensions are out of this world, mega dollars in comparison to David’s pensions, and because of that, how come John Horgan did not reward Doug Routley a cabinet position for holding on to the Nanaimo-North Cowichan riding for the NDP since 2005.

Could it be that John Horgan is afraid of Nathan Cullen going after his job, and does not want any disturbances of in-fighting with in the NDP government over the next four years. History shows that this can happen with strong majority governments.

I am totally surprised that David did not mention anything about Nathan Cullen’s pensions.


Joe Sawchuk