Misleading information presented to council regarding Smart Meters

Last week, Ted Olnyk gave town council BC Hydro’s take on the new wireless “smart meters” they are installing in every building in BC. Much of the information he presented was wrong or misleading.

Editor: Last week, Ted Olnyk gave town council BC Hydro’s take on the new wireless “smart meters” they are installing in every building in BC.  Much of the information he presented was wrong or misleading.

For example, Hydro says the meters only send signals four to six times a day.

Independent readings show that these meters emit pulsed radiation about fifteen times a minute, all day, every day; sometimes reaching 4,000 microwatts/centimeter squared (Canada’s safety limit is 600).

Hydro’s original estimations figured they’d save about $560 million over 20 years, while the cost is about $1 billion to install the meters. Now, they say they’ll save $1.6 billion over 20 years.

Hydro says the World Health Organization’s (WHO) classification of electromagnetic frequency radiation as a 2b carcinogen only applies to cell phones.

Here is what Professor Olle Johansson, who works on these studies for WHO says:

“The recent determination of the World Health Organization to include radiofrequent radiation on the 2B list of carcinogens also applies to devices such as smart meters…

Many smart meters are close to beds, kitchens, playrooms, and similar locations. These wireless systems are never off, and the exposure is not voluntary. The smart meters are being forced on citizens everywhere. The inauguration of smart meters with involuntary exposure of millions to billions of human beings to pulsed microwave radiation should immediately be prohibited until ‘the red flag’ can be hauled down.”

If we want the meters placed in a different part of our property, BC Hydro says they will do this if we pay for it. This won’t stop radiation from pulsing across the yards, since these meters send signals to a central meter on someone’s house, which then sends the signal to other meters until it eventually reaches BC Hydro’s hub.

These meters can be hard-wired to be just as safe as our present analog meters.

Idaho’s and Italy’s are completely hard-wired. All we ask is that the Liberals give their own constituents at least the same consideration.

For references and information, please check the website: citizensforsafetechnology.org

Mary Lowther

Mesachie Lake

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