Lying to Canada on public safety

The story appeals only to Liberals and supporting NDP party members like yourself

Lying to Canada on public safety

Lying to Canada on public safety

Copy of a letter to MP Alistair MacGregor:

I am not a gun owner but I am appalled and angry at our prime minister for lying to Canadians about the causes of public safety issues while doing nothing to address real problems. The narrative that banning of selected gun models (misleadingly declared to be “assault rifles”) will improve public safety and avoid incidents like the Nova Scotia shooting is a ideological fantasy and a lie to Canadians.

The story appeals only to Liberals and supporting NDP party members like yourself because it serves a portion of the electorate that share this ideological fantasy, who will vote for you, and are unwilling to examine or accept the truth that private gun ownership is not a cause of public safety issues. The people with this fantasy are also unwilling to call on government to invest properly in fighting illegal gun importation, gang development, culture and violence, or real community issues leading to violence. The police force leaders of Canada will attest to the truth that the new regulations will do nothing to improve public safety. Major Canadian newspapers make the same claim of the prime minister’s lies.

The actions of the Liberal government with the support of the NDP (on Bill C-71 and the new regulations) are a monumental disregard of a group of Canadians who you choose to make unjustifiable scapegoats because the government has been unwilling to address real public safety problems. In fact, the government does the opposite by not protecting our borders, letting criminals out of prison before they have served their term, and making penalties softer on gangs. Further, the regulations were set without a vote in parliament, are inconsistent, and may have been done in a manner that over reaches on Canadian Charter Rights and Freedoms for the scope and application of regulations under our legislative rights. We will see about this in time.

Playing politics like this is the dirtiest low of any political party and its supporters (you). It is the same as making agreement with Liberal Party ideology a prerequisite to receiving government entitlements. It is in the same ball park of shame as shuffling taxpayer money out to advertising agencies for party benefit, or a government spending taxpayer dollars on deals that benefit Liberal Party success in elections (pay to play deals). Or a prime minister who cares more about his personal resume with the United Nations than representing Canadians.

It must be stopped and undone and we need parliament to address it. It is the lowest of dirty lows because it leaves Canadians with the fear that the next Liberal/NDP agenda can attack their interests, rights or freedoms at any time. That you have no critical thought or conscience about ineffective policy that will cost Canadians billions and accomplish nothing is your lowest moment ever.

I remember in the last election when you were asked about Bill C-71 and your response was that “you asked a friend about it and he said it was probably good”. Well, you need to do more homework if you still do not understand the issues of public safety and licenced gun ownership in Canada. You should consult your Vancouver Island gun clubs and ask them how they feel about the legislation and new regulations and their effectiveness in improving public safety. When you learn enough to be a representative for your riding then you should inform your other NDP buddies in seats on the Island and help them understand.

There are many forms of government corruption. This is one: spending money on something useless while lying and falsely blaming a group of Canadians for cause but doing nothing about the real cause and problems. Our government and its supporting NDP cannot get any lower.

Ian Caesar

Shawnigan Lake