Local schools not anti-bullying

Editor: I just heard another disturbing story of bullying in our local schools.

Our schools have no right to say they are against bullying when they punish those who stand up for themselves, when teachers are not available or are unwilling to assist when someone is in trouble.

I have heard numerous stories of children who stand up for themselves or others- (and yes, sometimes this necessitates the use of force, when force is already being used against them) being punished as severely if not more so than the youth who started the altercation in the first place. Like many parents, I refuse to tell my children to be doormats to be walked on by those bigger and meaner, and if the school will not support them, then I will not support the school.

Our local schools are not against bullying at all, they are only against “fighting” and do not seem to have the common sense to know the difference.

Carla Spooner

Lake Cowichan