Letter: Wreath laying too noisy

I was sorely disappointed

Wreath laying too noisy

Oh dear, Duncan. The ceremonial laying of a wreath in memory of our dear late Queen Elizabeth II on Monday at the cenotaph was a bit of a shambles.

Whilst I was expecting roads to be closed near the cenotaph and many residents to be in attendance, I was sorely disappointed. I do give kudos to those who did attend and who did their best under the very trying circumstances, however.

Canada Avenue was temporarily closed for veterans and the RCMP colour party, I do admit, but the noisy traffic after that made the town crier and the pastor practically shout to be heard. Maybe you can imagine two minutes of silence?

Where were you, Mayor Staples, councillors, representatives of North Cowichan and CVRD? Apologies if you were there and I didn’t see you.

It would seem that, although this wreath-laying was announced in Thursday’s newspaper, some organising was missing.


Pat Fiddis

North Cowichan