Letter: Wildlife crying ‘Where do I go?’

This was the home to the many four legged relations

Wildlife crying ‘Where do I go?’

My wife and I witness a large herd of elk that frequent an open field above our place.

Other days they can be seen in a farm field across from our house.

They are magnificent and powerful.

By the open field we have heard trees being felled.

We heard a faller share one time that a fallen tree falls at 85 miles an hour to the ground.

It’s so sad and painful that Mother Earth is being spanked by that fallen tree.

The open field is the home for the elk to run, play, eat and rest.

The forest was a puzzle of trails and was a comfort of home for the elk.

Silently you can hear out loudly the elk are saying, “Where do we go?”

The strong and tall stand of fir tree was once the home of the powerful sacred eagle.

Over time their home can weigh up to several hundred pounds.

As the eagle flies home and it is not available, the eagle sadly flies away and echoes out loudly and says “Where do I go?”

I am only one small little speck here on Mother Earth.

This was the home to the many four legged relations, to the winged relations and for the relations that crawl.

All their voices cry out loudly in one song “Where do I go?”

Tousilum G.