Letter: Violence very unusual during forest protests

The forest defenders are committed to peaceful protest

Violence very unusual during forest protests

To add a little context to the story printed in Thursday, July 15, “Protestors, loggers clash near Honeymoon Bay;…”

As of Sunday, July 18, day 343 of direct action protecting Vancouver Island ancient temperate rainforests, there have been 444 arrests. In all that time and with all those police and logger interactions, there has been only two physically violent altercations. Even in the face of excessive police force during arrests, the forest defenders are committed to peaceful protest.

Pacheedaht Elder Bill Jones hosted an emergency meeting to ask for a renewed commitment to peaceful interaction in light of the violent assaults on a single forest defender earlier this week. Elders from Wet’suwet’en, spoke of solidarity. Teal Jones and RCMP were invited. The RCMP attended, but only via low-flying helicopter, disrupting the event. The gathering and speakers were inspirational. You can watch it on video and get daily updates on Rainforest Flying Squadron Facebook page. Please follow and stay informed. Logging is important to our economy and lifestyles. Reforming forestry practices is essential for our future.

Martha Lescher