Letter: Valley loses best friend

Transform Chemainus into a world famous tourist attraction

Valley loses best friend

When Karl Schutz passed away recently the Cowichan Valley lost its best friend. Not only did his persistent, positive enthusiast belief in the late ’70s that painting blank walls with pictures reflecting the rich history of Chemainus would transform Chemainus into a world famous tourist attraction. It would rescue the area from predicted financial doom and gloom expected to follow the closing of the Mac Blo mill.

His vision again saw similar potential when in 1986 he enthusiastically became one of the four volunteers who began the two year struggle to win the bid to bring the world’s largest hockey stick and puck to the Cowichan Valley. Many other volunteers joined as we moved forward. But Karl was one of the first four. The murals and the hockey stick are constant and permanent tributes to the Cowichan’s best friend, Karl Schutz.

Dick Drew

Maple Ridge