Letter: Vaccine clinic volunteers wonderful

Letting disabled members of the public take seats ahead of their lineup position

Vaccine clinic volunteers wonderful

Just a brief note to congratulate those who organized the third vaccination clini” at the Community Centre last night. (Dec. 7, 2021).

Clearly something went wrong with the arrangements, as evidenced by the necessity for attendees to wait in the hundred yard line for over an hour to get our shot!

That would not have mattered but I am 82 years old and recovering from recent knee surgery, so it was a rather trying experience for me.

The saving grace was the extreme helpfulness of the volunteers who marshalled the lineup and recognized my discomfort by finding a chair for me to sit on in the lineup, and their clever method of letting disabled members of the public take seats ahead of their lineup position, until the queue caught up and the “patient “, who could be moved forwards again etc. They did this for several similarly disadvantaged people and it worked well.

That was a very humanitarian piece of administration, well and spontaneously executed by the volunteers and gratefully appreciated by myself, and many other age or physically disadvantaged members of the public in the lineup.

Well done and many thanks. It was an excellent demonstration of how many responsible and friendly people we have living in our community in Duncan.

Norman Redcliffe