Letter: Time to work on Canadian unity

Identity politics is killing us

Time to work on Canadian unity

Identity politics is killing us. Never before have Canadians been more divided and more willing to slip into radicalism than today. This is deeply harmful and creates a new socio-political anger that threatens to tear us apart. It makes me sad, as it should every Canadian.

Let’s face it folks. Identity politics isn’t helping us. We are divided on such a wide range of issues that national unity now seems like a distant dream, and a common definition of what it means to be Canadian more elusive than ever. What on earth is going on? Today we are more divided on issues of race, gender, sexuality, and history than ever before, and identity politics is the reason. Canadians deserve more than to see their country torn apart by people interested in dividing rather than uniting us.

Ironically, there are those who still repeat the mantra that “A Canadian, is a Canadian, is a Canadian…” But what does that mean in a society and with a government that delights in partisan viewpoints and punishes those who do not believe as they do? The current campaign to rename Canada’s schools, universities and public places and eradicate our historic monuments is a good example. Tearing down or destroying these things does not unify us.

The current narrative that Canada is a horrific nation in need of complete change springs out of the radicalism of identity politics and it has to end. Why? Because it is inaccurate. Canada is a welcoming nation with policies that encourage acceptance and a broadminded attitude. Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees us democratic rights protected by law. If Canada was indeed the nation radical identity proponents portray it as, millions would not be trying to come here, to one of the best countries on earth.

Sorry, radical identity politics types. You are wrong and Canada is right. Now let’s start working on unity and common identity rather than division.

Perry Foster