Letter: Seniors can’t keep up with tax increases

The CVRD is running amok with all of their tax increases

Seniors can’t keep up with tax increases

Re: the whining about directors wanting an increase in compensation.

There is a line in When Harry met Sally that applies to those directors that now want an increase in their compensation. Because staff were just given a generous increase in their salaries, the line “I’ll have what she’s having” seems to fit except change “she” to “they”.

You run for election knowing what the compensation will be, then you have the gall to ask for more from those very same taxpayers that elected you. For shame. Your platform should have put it out there that, once elected, you were going to ask for more. Do you think you would have been elected?

The CVRD is running amok with all of their tax increases. The worst of it is that every function is based on per $100,000. More pay for staff and now this. How is the senior, living on a pension, whose assessments are tied to the hot housing market, supposed to keep up?

For the first time, we will be forced to defer our taxes in order to keep some of our small income for ourselves. Living expenses are way up and, short of selling our home to make ends meet, we see no other alternative. Having lived in this area for over 35 years, this is not what we expected to be doing at this time of our life. All because of the demands for what we have left over.

How many directors rely on their compensation package alone to live on? I doubt very many. You probably have other income sources from work or pensions or whatever. I thought the idea for running was to serve your community. This is a noble cause but is soured by asking for more monies after being elected. Would you do the same if you were hired by a company? I think you would be let go and someone else would take your place.

Your position means you look out for all your taxpayers so, when staff recommends funding a new function using the per $100, 000 formula, you ask that they come back with a parcel tax. For example. The new regional recreation should have been funded by a parcel tax but no one spoke up. Are you not aware of who your taxpayers are? How many pensioners are in your area? What will the affect be on their taxes? One does not always have to kowtow to the special interest groups. Your taxpayer is and always should be your only consideration. Needs take precedent over wants.

I consider asking for an increase a want. If it is needed, then you should not have run.

Ed Aiken

Cobble Hill