Letter: Sarah’s column a bright spot of the week

She herself is a real gem

Sarah’s column a bright spot of the week

A huge thank you to Sarah Simpson for her story about the Wiggly Jiggly Tooth. I laughed so hard as I read it that, quite literally, the paper got wet from my laughter tears.

Her breath of fresh air and stories of her family are a highlight every week. This story, though, was a real gem. She herself is a real gem.

At a time when we read so much sad news, so much bad news, reading her column is, indeed, a bright side to my week. Thank you, Sarah — and the Cowichan Valley Citizen for this good news column. At a time when there is so much fret and worry with fires, pandemic, homelessness, global warming and all the other ills of the world Sarah brightens my Thursdays every week.

Cherie Oke

North Cowichan