Letter: Roundabouts not required

Roundabouts not required on Cowichan Valley streets

1. You evidently don’t travel up Cowichan Lake Road — as I do every day, frequently two or even three times. I have never had to wait more than four to five minutes westbound, even when we are backed up almost to the top of the hill. Never eastbound unless the light is red. And you recommend spending (wasting) over $800,000 of our tax money on a roundabout? Ridiculous!

2. The city of Duncan can boast it definitely has the worst stretch of road — both east and west — in the entire valley. Government Street/Cowichan Lake Road from the defunct railway tracks to our provincial court house is a disgraceful hodgepodge of bumps, potholes, a myriad of patches and dips.

Surely maintaining our infrastructure should take precedence over some city planners’ bright idea how to spend almost a million dollars on a roundabout we can surely get along without. Please think twice and do a bit of research on wait times before recommending this.

Temple Craig