Letter: Protesters peaceful, dedicated

These folks are generously giving their time and energy to stand up for what they believe in

Protesters peaceful, dedicated

In reference to the July 15 article “Protesters, loggers clash near Honeymoon Bay; driver hits officer”.

Reading the article noted above in my local newspaper caused me distress. This sort of biased reporting can influence people’s opinions and distract from the core issue: the decimation of ancient rain forests on southern Vancouver Island. Articles like this cause more separation and encourage conflict. Painting a picture of violent, intoxicated protesters and victimized RCMP officers does nothing to help your readership understand the complexity of this thorny issue.

I am a senior who loves our beautiful island and has participated in the peaceful action being taken to protect the watershed at Fairy Creek. I can personally attest that the image of violent, intoxicated protesters is wrong. Yes, there are always a few problematic folks, but the vast majority of the heroes out there are anything but problematic. They are hard working young people, seniors, university students, working professionals who bring their families out on the weekends, environmentalists, and an array of other committed community members. These folks are generously giving their time and energy to stand up for what they believe in, the continuation of our forests, ecosystem and of our planet. Complicity in destroying these beautiful, life-giving trees is not on my bucket list.

If you’ve never walked in an old growth stand of trees, do it. Go to Avatar Grove. And while there, think about the fact that they have been here, on our precious island, for hundreds/thousands of years. Once they are gone, it’s for good.

Do your research, look at all sides of the issue before forming an opinion. Go to Fairy Creek and see for yourself. Be part of the global solution — it’s worth it!

Thanya Al-Saadoon