Letter: Protect all of Centennial Park

I’m glad that no guarantee other than to consider a DHS application, has been given

Protect all of Centennial Park

Re: Duncan Manor

From the City of Duncan’s website: “The City of Duncan takes great pride in its parks”.

Technically the Duncan city council’s Memorandum Of Understanding with the Duncan Housing Society states “the proposal includes a land swap for the portion of the Lawn Bowling Club currently owned by the Duncan Housing Society for a portion of the current Centennial Park parking lot” which is city owned land. It also states “The MOU does not constitute or guarantee any development approvals”.

I’m glad that no guarantee other than to consider a DHS application, has been given. I hope that our council, our leaders and our planners, the people entrusted to have the bigger vision in mind, have the courage and conviction to be guided by and commit to the vision statements contained in the official community plan i.e. “To be sensitive to the protection of the natural environment…where protection of the environment is fundamental in the consideration of new development applications”, and committed to the “Preservation of open space, natural beauty, and environmentally sensitive areas”, and to a city that “is green and takes pride in its sustainability practices: natural areas are protected”.

I hope city council will protect all of Centennial Park for the sake of this and future generations of families, children and individuals who need and will use this park.

Barry Corrin