Letter: Paving over good farmland

This puts us in a very precarious position

Paving over good farmland

Less than 10 per cent of the food required to feed Vancouver Island is produced on the Island.

This puts us in a very precarious position.

Every day we are being warned about impending food shortages and supply chain disruptions.

Most of our produce comes from the U.S. and there are droughts there, where our food comes from.

And with global warming supposedly an issue, hauling it all the way from California or Mexico needs to be reduced.

We seem to ignore this as we continue to pave over land that could be used for food production.

Right now on Herd Road a housing development is being put on perfectly good farm land.

Does city hall not pay attention to what’s going on?

We have to immediately stop this development and protect our resources before it’s too late. (If it’s not already.)

Barry Dixon