Letter: Online pool hours wrong

It’s my opinion that our pool in Duncan is kinda lame

Online pool hours wrong

I have been an avid swimmer my entire life. I make it something fun to do when I go to a new town or city to visit the community centre, have a swim and a sauna or steam.

Community centres provide a place to bring people together and its an opportunity for a town to show the people who visit a good time.

It’s my opinion that our pool in Duncan is kinda lame. One of the issues with the pool is the inability to communicate. If you look up Cowichan Aquatic Centre on the most popular of all search services you will see a closing time for the pool listed as 9:30 [p.m.], however the pool closes at 8 [p.m.]. This is consistent with every day being wrong on a search. I told the staff the error the other day and all I got back was “Google isn’t right”.

I found this response annoying because if you search for any other community centre, public building, museum, restaurant or just about any other place the opening and closing times are accurate.

So what gives? Why can’t this taxpayer funded, taxpayer attended and taxpayer maintained community centre get with 2022 and update the opening and closing times? Or better yet, stay open later and the hard computer won’t have to be used.

Andrew Sawyer