Letter: Old growth protesters an exemplary community

The article makes no mention of police racism and brutality

Old growth protesters an exemplary community

In regards to the article recently published called “Raids and rally strengthen resolve of Fairy Creek protesters opposing logging in area” on Aug. 12.

Yes, tree defenders at Fairy Creek, across the country, and around the world will continue to fight for the immediate end to all old growth logging in B.C.

Code red climate crisis, a miniscule percentage of ancient mother trees still standing, several species at risk — all demand it.

Naturally the deeper issue was the theft by governments, industry and RCMP from Indigenous peoples of their lands, resources, independence and even their children!

That John Horgan’s NDP government and Teal-Jones Group are continuing colonial ecocidal practices is unconscionable.

The Citizen’s article at times reads more like an RCMP opinion piece than a journalistic news item. For example: “Justice Thompson’s BC Court ruling that RCMP exclusion zones are unlawful and that interference with liberties of members of the public and members of the media is substantial and serious” makes clear that this is far more serious than what “protestors say is illegal”.

The article makes no mention of police racism and brutality. Hopefully there will be fair coverage in your paper when the courts decide on these issues.

As a visitor and support worker at Fairy Creek headquarters, my experience contradicts CSGCC-IG John Brewer’s statement claiming that protesters are causing “severe environmental damage”. In fact, the truth is that old growth protestors are an exemplary community — respectful, considerate, organized and lovingly defending Mother Earth — even to the extent of carefully separating all excess items into recycling, composting, garbage, etc.

Untruths and misinformation create confusion and are a disservice to your readership and the profession of journalism.

Candace Moore