Letter: Miracles in our midst

Read some moving firsthand accounts of how people’s lives have be changed

Miracles in our midst

Every day there are miraculous changes taking place in our little community. I’m talking about some of the things that have been going on in the temporary mini villages that have been provided for the previously unhoused people of our community. Imagine the miracles that must have taken place in order for folks who, a very short time ago, were living in desperation on our streets, and who now find their lives profoundly transformed.

A huge round of appreciation is deserved for the tireless staff, and especially for the courageous residents of these communities. These are among some of our finest “local heroes”.

All of us in our community should feel proud of the part we have played in helping these miracles take place. Some of the personal stories have been captured in a recently compiled presentation entitled, “Hope and Transformation”.

If you’re interested in reading some moving firsthand accounts of how people’s lives have be changed, you can find these on the website for “Our Cowichan Community Health Network” (ourcchn.ca) homepage, under Latest News.

Dr. Joe Solanto

Community Representative

Community Action Team