Letter: Letters enlightening

Unless you adhere to left of centre progressivism you are apparently a pariah worthy of persecution

Letters enlightening

I was encouraged to read two letters recently submitted to the Citizen, “Election discouraging” (Savannah Wright Oct. 25th) and one, penned by a recent candidate (Ruth Waddell Oct. 25th) entitled “Election coverage unfair.” Both were excellent for different reasons. The first pointed out the contempt with which people who do not adhere to the “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” (DEI) doctrine are treated. As the letter pointed out, regular people have a right to run for office and express their views. The obviously savage responses to them by people who described them as “worthy of contempt” point out that we are now living in a new era of intolerance, both in the Cowichan Valley and in Canada. It’s sad to see, and doubly sad that some of the people who used this inappropriate “attack language” were elected to office.

The second letter was not only enlightening but emotionally moving. Ruth Waddell’s description of her experiences as a candidate running for office really affected me, as I am sure it did others. It takes a lot of courage to run for office, or even just put your opinion or name out there these days. Both writers exemplified courage in doing so.

Canada is supposed to be a democracy where you are permitted to express your beliefs or run for office as a citizen protected by constitutional rights espoused in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But is it? As both writers pointed out, it seem that now, unless you adhere to DEI left of centre progressivism you are apparently a pariah worthy of persecution. Canada and the Cowichan Valley deserve to be places where all voices can be heard and where all people can take part in the political process with respect. Ironically, isn’t that what real “diversity” is all about?

Perry Foster