Letter: Left turn signals needed at intersection

Trans Canada Highway and Cobble Hill/Kilmalu Roads in Mill Bay

Left turn signals needed at intersection

Dear Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

This letter is to express concerns regarding the intersection of Trans Canada Highway and Cobble Hill/Kilmalu Roads in Mill Bay, B.C.

Chiani Wellness Centre is a business in the plaza at this intersection. This has been a significant intersection for accidents for many years. According to the ICBC Crash Statistics web page there have been 40 motor vehicle incidents at this intersection from 2016 through 2020. Statistics are not yet available on this page for 2021 but there have been multiple incidents since January 2021, sometimes more than one per day. These seem to predominantly involve vehicles attempting to make left turns off the highway onto either Cobble Hill Road or Kilmalu Road.

In addition to injuries sustained and damage to vehicles, this often causes slow-downs in traffic flow on the Trans-Canada Highway and distraction to other drivers, leading to the possibility of more accidents. It impedes the traffic flow into the businesses in our plaza. Cobble Hill Road is the main access to two elementary schools in the area and this creates potential hazards to school buses and students going to or from these schools. Several times staff from the businesses in the plaza have had to leave their posts to act as first responders until emergency personnel arrive.

We would like to suggest the ministry have stand-alone left turn signals installed, as opposed to the advance left signals currently in use. This would allow vehicles to more safely make left turns when there is potentially through-traffic still approaching.

Thank you for your assistance with this dangerous intersection. We look forward to your response and the necessary safety upgrades to this intersection.

Chiani Wellness Centre