Letter: Homeless addicts need 24/7 full time care

Saving lives and communities can be done but it will take courage from elected officials

Homeless addicts need 24/7 full time care

More local temporary housing may initially feel good but the strategy will not work. Is anyone at the federal, provincial or local level interested in really helping those in need?

Together we need to fully help those addicted to drugs and who are being left on neighbourhood streets to fend for themselves. It is no longer appropriate to just offer local housing, food, safe injection sites, needles and services. It is no longer appropriate for local governments, churches and school districts to simply install eight foot fences around their properties with security cameras and night time patrols. These lost souls are slowly killing themselves while destroying our towns and yet we continue with the current misguided strategies to help those addicted to drugs.

If one wants to see the future for towns in Canada please watch the YouTube documentary called “Seattle is Dying”. At the end of the video there is a glimmer of hope for those addicted but all levels of governments and the voters will have to be willing to consider a new approach to this devastating situation.

Saving lives and communities can be done but it will take courage from elected officials to introduce new laws and offer 24/7 full time care until our victims of drugs are able to productively join society again. Only then will our neighbourhoods enjoy the freedom to let children celebrate the joy of playing safely in our parks and playgrounds again.

A few years ago the Cowichan Valley had about 70 homeless addicts, now we are pushing 300 and more are coming. If we change nothing the valley is quickly heading towards 1,000 addicted souls roaming our streets, screaming silently for real meaningful help from us. The question is are we really going to help — are you going to help? If not, do we just leave our misguided policies in place and watch our towns and so many young people slowly die? Please watch the YouTube video “Seattle is Dying”.

Roger Bruce

Cowichan Valley