Letter: Gender neutral washrooms a bad idea

Let me be the first to predict a spike in teen pregnancies

Gender neutral washrooms a bad idea

For centuries men and women, for the most part, have performed their biological functions alone and apart from each other, but now thanks to the Cowichan Valley School District, the boys and girls of the new Cowichan High School will be able to use the same washroom. Together. At the same time.

Let me be the first to predict a spike in teen pregnancies about a year after the new high school opens, as hormone raging teenagers, who are known for their good judgement and amazing self-control, will have easy access to their own version of the Mile High Club just down the hall from math class.

Let me also predict a rise in urinary and bowel disorders, as the more timid pupils, and those of the student body with less than ideal bodies, try to “hold it” until they can relieve themselves in a more private setting. “That won’t happen”, you say? Obviously, you’ve forgotten how intimidating and cruel high school can be.

Do we have to point out that there are differences between men and women that no amount of political correctness can even out? Do we need to mention that teenage bodies go through significant changes at this time, which may not want to be shared with members of the opposite sex?

Does it also have to be pointed out that not everything old is bad, and everything new is good; neither are all differences bad, nor are all equalities good?

Erich Senft, Linda Young