Letter: From armchair complainer to trail walker and rail enthusiast

Then I went to a meeting at the community centre and had my eyes opened

From armchair complainer to trail walker and rail enthusiast

After following the Facebook page for Shawnigan, I feel compelled to write about the naysaying for the rail. After all, I was a naysayer.

I was against anything that was progressive, and fought to keep the trail from being done. An armchair complainer, following the lead of the loudest voice on Facebook, I decided it was time to get off my duff and see exactly what it was about. I went down to the lake with my friends and we actually walked it. At that time, I was just getting over a rough surgery and had to limit my walking to about a quarter mile.

We really enjoyed it, the new parking area and the very manageable trail. I could almost do the whole thing to the dock and back, without too much struggle.

I then began reading about the Kinsol Trestle. I had tried to do it once with my daughter, but couldn’t, so she went on ahead, took pictures, and came back to the log I was sitting on and shared them with me.

Then I went to a meeting at the community centre and had my eyes opened. I was amazed at the planning for our village, and the progressive ideas that our community representative was sharing with us. That was over a year ago.

I walk the trail every single day with my walking buddies. We have to do it twice in order to get the right amount of steps in, so we are excitedly awaiting the extension that is in the planning to Old Mill. We also do the trestle walk now, with ease. This has been a life changing opportunity that I can access right in my own community! If only I could access the lake a bit more, but oh well.

I now watch the scrabbling on the Facebook page about the rail being brought back to life. This one really excites me, as my daughter doesn’t drive and would be able to come up from Victoria without my having to go down to pick her up! I hate the Malahat traffic, and look forward to another alternative. I for one will certainly ride that rail!

I appreciate everything [area director] Sierra [Acton] and her crew have done for my community. I have lived here for over 28 years, and would never consider ever moving from here. Things are getting done! We certainly don’t need anyone running agendas that don’t even live here! My opinion only, which I am reminded of every time I hit like or dislike on comments, lol.

Thank you Sierra, for all you do!

Jean McGrath

Shawnigan Lake