Letter: Forest survey poorly put together

What a disappointment!

Forest survey poorly put together

My husband and I just attempted to do the Municipality of North Cowichan’s survey concerning the Municipal Forest Reserve.

What a disappointment!

We found the survey to be the most poorly put together survey that we have ever been involved in. It allowed absolutely no freedom of choice or personal opinion but was totally motivated to receive the results that the survey producer wanted. You could not move forward unless you checked off the number that they wanted. In other words, you had to check off attitudes that were not agreeable to ourselves to be able to continue this survey.

I am surprised that I haven’t heard more about this miscarriage of community process, or are people that live and make their living in this area simply refusing to complete this incredibly poor survey?

The unfortunate part, if this is true, is that the municipality is only hearing what it wants to hear, and is leaving many of their tax paying citizens disgruntled with not only the process but our local government and its lack of democracy.

Carol Money